Top 4 Hill Stations in India

Mar 8, 2017 Holiday Travel

Top 4 Hill Stations in India

How about getting away from the stress of traffic and the summer heat? Hill stations have always given an answer. There are a lots of hill stations in India with the incredible natural beauty and the charming attractions that are found no where else in the world. A large portion of the hill stations in India are arranged shape Shimla to Gulamarg the north, Ooty to Munnar in the south, Lonavala, Mount Abu in West and Gangtok,

These hill stations are the home to natural beauty and one can experience the pleasant cool weather, the amazing natural waterfalls making their own way between the cold mountains will surely win everyone’s heart


A delightful hill station that lies great Himalayas at a separation of 56 kilometres from Srinagar. Gulmarg is mainly famous for the GANDOLA or rope way, which is the highest cable car in the world. Kashmir is among the most favourite holiday destinations and the most famous hill destinations in India, mostly visited to enjoy the shikara rides, winter sports activities like Skiing or Snowboard.


Shimla is located in Himachal Pradesh and is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India. Shimla is popular for its cool mountain air in the hot season, its snowfall in the winter and the famous scenic toy train ride on the way down (or up). As we all know Himachal is famous for its beautiful mountains, hill stations, adventure sports trekking, camping and ice-skating.

Mount Abu

Just hill station that pulls in numerous Indian vacationers from the fields of neighbouring Gujarat state, and those withdrawing from the abandon warmth of Rajasthan. You can do some nice treks here too and there are temples to admire and a polo ground too. Diwali is really big here and it gets very crowded at this time.


Darjeeling is separated from Nepal and Bhutan by snow-capped peaks and lies in the North East foothills of the Himalayas. You can wander through lush green forests, enjoying the fresh mountain air and explore brightly coloured Buddhist monasteries. This is an excellent spot to begin a North East India tour into the Himalayas.