Reasons Why Adventure Travel Is a Good Idea for You

Mar 14, 2017 Holiday Travel

Reasons Why Adventure Travel Is a Good Idea for You

Adventure travel has turned out to be very well known in the previous decade. Earlier people simply went sightseeing to historical or religious places took a few pictures and came home happy. But the modern generation wants more than that. There are a number of adrenalin junkies who want to push their physical and mental limits and enjoy the thrill that comes with adventure tourism. And why not, especially since adventure tourism is actually good for you. Let us see few of the reasons why you should opt for it.

According to modern studies conducted by scientists the modern obsession with cleanliness actually gives rise to allergies, asthma and inflammatory bowel disease. If you get dirty on the other hand it improves your immune system and makes it stronger. Going on adventures means getting dirty and this in turn improves your physical health.

Outdoor activities can prevent or treat a large number of health problems. These physical problems range from heart disease to attention deficit disorder. Being in the outdoors and close to nature helps in preventing many ailments and cures many others. Then again there is no age limit to adventure trips. You can go on an adventure trip at any age provided you have the vigor and stamina to rough it out.

According to some research, hiking and walking make the brain grow in size. In most people the hippocampus of the brain becomes smaller in size over the age of 50 which can cause memory loss. However, it was noticed that when a group of people in this age group took forty minute walks for a year their hippocampi grew in size by about 2%. This could improve their memory retention for many years. Hence if you regularly go on hiking adventures it will keep you mentally sharp and healthy.

Going on adventure increases your tolerance for uncertainty because things on an adventure trip don’t always go as planned. This will teach you how to cope with uncertainties in life and there are as we know many uncertainties in an average person’s life. One of the best things about adventure vacations is that you are able to shed your familiar skin for a while and explore other sides of your personality. You can pretend to be a teenager at the age of 50 and get away with it which may not be possible in your day to day life back home.

There are many other benefits of adventure travel that you can learn if you talk to people who regularly indulge in it. At the same time there are many benefits that you can learn about if you browse the internet as there are a number of articles and blogs on this category. The best thing nowadays is that you do not have to plan your adventure trip on your own, because there are a number of travel agencies that specialise in adventure tourism and they plan your trips in detail for you at a nominal fee.

Romesh Dutt is a freelance writer and a passionate trekker. He loves visiting different locations with his trek buddies or by himself. Writing about his trips in his blog, he motivates more and more people to try trekking. In this article, he talks about why adventure holidays are always a good idea at any age.