Where to get content for Instagram blog

Mar 19, 2021 Blog

Where to get content for Instagram blog

Content is a multifaceted and extensible concept, including not only the visual component, but also texts. Content can inspire and motivate, or it can irritate and provoke negative emotions, it can encourage your loyal followers to like it, or, on the contrary, it can make them unsubscribe. Much has been said about the importance of content, but today we’re going to talk about exactly what social media content should be and where to get it. After all, even if you decide to buy instagram followers, you still need to work on developing your account and attracting new free followers.

Where to get content for Instagram

In the age of information technology, it is important to understand that social networks are read instead of books and actively viewed instead of TV, they are constantly commented on instead of real communication, and they essentially live in them, spending more and more time there. The value of content is determined not so much by the number of likes and subscriptions, but by the value and usefulness of the information provided. For example, a photo should bring a person who looks at it a real aesthetic pleasure, and the text should inspire, motivate or make people think. But where to get such content and how to use it correctly? We decided to look into this in detail.

  • Personalized personal content, or content that you generate yourself. Photos need to be of high quality and not overexposed. It is best to shoot in diffused daylight, paying attention to the composition of the frame. Do not forget about the points of attraction, do not clutter the frame with a lot of trifles and take care of the processing. The ideal is a unified profile style in one color palette, with the same text feed and branded fonts. Such an account will definitely stand out and grab the attention of social media surfers.
  • Content from other bloggers. Contrary to the widespread opinion that the use of other people’s information is absolutely unacceptable, let’s say – this fact is acceptable but in a ratio of 95:5 (where 95% – is your personal content and only 5% – borrowed). This is especially true for those bloggers who often make various selections of images, manicures, makeup or any other trends in the areas of fashion, beauty and even business. The main thing is to indicate the authorship of this or that material, otherwise such a post risks being blocked.
  • Content from your subscribers. If you own a commercial account that sells products or services, your visitors probably occasionally take cool shots of you wearing your clothes or in your cafe or restaurant. So why not ask permission to use that material on the page? This way, you kill two birds with one stone – you get a nice photo, and you increase the loyalty of the other follower.
  • Contest content. Not a bad way to get the coveted photo for your profile is to organize a creative contest for your subscribers. By getting readers interested in a good prize, you can get dozens of photos or text reviews on a topic that can easily be used to attract a new audience.
  • Content from employees. Your team can also become part of the visual content of a commercial account. For example, you can shoot “behind the scenes” videos, write your impressions of a particular product or demonstrate corporate life unvarnished in stories – such posts will not only be actively watched by ordinary users, but also by your competitors.

Thus, there are many options for finding content for Instagram or a personal blog. The main thing is to decide on the most comfortable way for you and the magic begins. You should also learn how to buy more followers on instagram to attract more attention to your account and make it more status.