The effectiveness of the use of growth hormone in sports

Jul 14, 2021 Blog

The effectiveness of the use of growth hormone in sports

Children and young people almost never have problems with the production of their own growth hormone, unless it is a special case caused by a certain disease. The most active period of growth hormone activation occurs during puberty. With growing up, the production of the substance gradually decreases, smoothly proceeding to nothing.

For medical purposes, growth hormones quickly found their use, after which they quickly fell in love with athletes who are fond of or are professionally involved in weightlifting. By this, he is grateful for his unique property to strengthen joints and other connective tissues. In bodybuilding and other sports disciplines of very high risk to get injuries, sprains or other injuries of the musculoskeletal system. In addition to these benefits, hormone supplements have been shown to be effective in burning fat and building lean muscle mass. It is advisable for athletes to take growth hormone when they strive to get a beautiful traced muscle relief.

As a rule, GH is used by athletes who do not need to gain weight quickly, but who have body fat. After a course of taking drugs, weight gain fluctuates within 3 kg. Take growth hormones, you must strictly follow the instructions of the instructions. By purchasing drugs here, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality and original sports pharmacology. 

Features of the choice of growth hormone

For a long time, growth hormone has been used among bodybuilders to build muscle mass, reduce body fat stores, and increase strength and overall endurance. It directly affects human growth and is actively produced in the body since childhood, peaks in adolescence and decreases after 20 years. It is for this reason that growth hormone HGH is used by athletes in an injectable form.

When choosing a growth hormone, it is very important to take into account the recommendations and not fall for a fake. First of all, you need to decide on the manufacturer. On sale among the drugs of sports pharmacology there are growth hormones produced in different countries of Europe, China, Korea, Iran.

Among the leading positions is Dinatrop , released in Iran, it is widely popular among athletes. Jintropin and Ansomon are no less common . Both drugs show good results and are very effective. Despite this, whichever growth hormone the buyer would prefer, they should be properly analyzed. Each pharmaceutical company that produces growth hormone puts an original solvent in the kit, which consists of a substance to maintain the stability of the finished hormone in an already diluted form. The most common dosage is 10 IU, some companies sell 4 IU vials. You can buy growth hormones by choosing from the range presented in the catalog here . 

The use of growth hormone Jintropin in sports

Jintropin is a drug, the main component of which is somatotropin , a human hormone of linear growth. The product is produced in vials, inside of which there is a powder or a solution ready for use.

For the first time the drug saw the world in 1998. Affordable pricing policy, excellent effect, low likelihood of “side effects ” made the drug very popular among bodybuilders.

Why you need to buy Jintropin

This active substance is distinguished by its positive effects, which consist in accelerated metabolism and metabolism in tissues. When taking weight loss the drug, muscle hyperplasia is observed, the fat layer decreases, the state of chitin improves.

Jintropin intake regimen

The introduction of the drug has its own algorithm. First, you need to dilute the active substance in special bactericidal water. The injection is best done with an insulin syringe. Do not chatter the mixture, stir in a circular motion. The substance is injected into the points of the largest fat deposits in the abdomen, buttocks or arms. The volume of jintropin is determined based on the goals of the athlete. If the task is to quickly and significantly gain weight, then you need to use 9-12 mg of the substance per day. With a similar dose, you can achieve the effect of fat burning. Jintropin can be purchased in the online store of sports pharmacology at an affordable cost for buyers.