The best fat burners – which one to choose?

May 12, 2021 Blog

The best fat burners – which one to choose?

The choice of one or another fat burner should be based purely on your individual data. The principle of their action is different depending on the final composition of the product.

It is worth remembering that each person reacts differently to the components: some people do not like caffeine as a stimulant, some have pronounced negative effects from stimulating the thyroid gland, etc. That is why today we will tell you which fat burner to choose. You can also get more information here

To begin with you need to decide on the principle of action of the supplement. It can be a thermogenic, a carnitine, etc. If it is your first fat burner purchase, you can choose “light” products, such as L-carnitine or omega-3 fats. If you have a workout history, you may prefer thermogenics, appetite suppressants and thyroid stimulants. The various diuretics and cortisol blockers as individual supplements should preferably be left as a last resort. Often they interfere with the hormonal background and electrolyte balance, and this is quite risky. 

Best fat burners for beginners 

Carnitine is an amino acid, which in its structure is related to B vitamins. It has a huge range of functions in the human body, and one of them is to facilitate and accelerate lipolysis (fat burning). We will not go into the maze of biochemistry, we will only note that carnitine can be called a carrier of free (broken down) fatty acids. The final delivery point is the mitochondria, which are present in any skeletal muscle cell. There, the fats are safely burned and give us energy. All of this is to say that carnitine is a natural substance and any mixture with other ingredients can interfere with its absorption. Try to buy carnitine without the addition of various substances. 

When choosing carnitine, the most significant issue is the form of the supplement. The fact is that the sports nutrition industry has two forms: L-carnitine in capsules or pills and in liquid form, in vials or bottles. Undoubtedly, the liquid version is much more effective than capsules, since absorption does not require time and does not cause unnecessary problems for the intestines. On the other hand, fans of capsules claim that before carnitine reaches the intestines, the stomach will break down most of it, resulting in low digestibility. However, one should remember that the function of the stomach is only to “grind” the protein structures. It has no need to break down carnitine, which is not the case with gelatin capsules. Generally speaking, if possible give preference to the liquid form of L-carnitine. This can be in ampoules or bottles with measuring containers. The brand does not play a special role, pay attention to the price, if any particular product is noticeably cheaper than others, it is a bad signal. As a rule, carnitine from different manufacturers is in the same price segment. 

As for fat burners based on the action of omega-3 fats, roughly speaking, they do not exist. The components of omega fats are produced separately. If you are interested in sports pharmaceuticals, visit