Pistols shooting and moving technique on the map in CS:GO

Apr 3, 2021 Blog

Pistols shooting and moving technique on the map in CS:GO

In today’s article we will describe a topic that has recently been gaining popularity. It is the topic of “pistol shooting”. Especially in CS:GO this topic is very necessary because in this version of the game redesigned bullet physics and completely redesigned ballistics, which greatly affected the game. And we would like to show you how to practice shooting a pistol in CS:GO. If you want to make pistols more attractive, you should use csgo.net.

Pistol practice

  1. Practice on servers such as deathmatch and it is advisable to choose smaller maps to practice your skills and accuracy.
  2. On the training servers buy the pistol that you play most often.
  3. Learn to aim for the head, control your speed and rate of fire.
  4. It is desirable to learn the features of all types of pistols in order to always be in shape.   

You can look at the characteristics of each gun and choose for yourself the one that suits you best. And remember not always an expensive weapon in your hands will shoot better than a cheap one. Also shooting a pistol is not enough to play on professional maps. It is also worth to know how to behave on the map where to go and how to act.

Map Movement Wizard

In this paragraph we will look at the most important aspects that affect your game as a whole.

  • Exploring all corners of the map. To do this, it’s not enough to just walk onto the map and play. In order to memorize the map well need more than one week to play on the same map.
  • Aim in advance at the places of possible threats.
  • Use Shift when you feel that the enemy may be very close to you.
  • Learn to move around different hiding places such as: crates, barrel walls, etc.
  • Choose a position where you know for sure that you will not be attacked from behind.
  • And of course the most important thing is to stay calm.   

It is also necessary not to forget about what is the right way out on the enemy, so that you were at a disadvantage and could easily neutralize him. And now let’s analyze the situation, which should show how to do it correctly. Let us imagine that you are playing for the defense on the map de_inferno and you have information about the approximate location of the enemy. And the whole point of the output is to check all possible enemy positions, if possible disable them.

In this case you are in a very advantageous position, because you have the sight on a certain point and are ready to hit the target. But also misinformation can occur, your “target” is in a completely different place and it is possible that you have already become a target. But to avoid such a situation, you need to be confident in your choice of position and preferably your partner should be somewhere nearby to cover you from the back. But you should understand that this tactic cannot be called a hundred percent, because there are some minor factors that greatly affect the result of the work.

It takes a long time to train and constantly improve your game to play well. If grueling training has ceased to bring you joy, it makes sense to use the site https://csgo.net/.