How to win matches solo in CS:GO

Mar 4, 2021 Blog

How to win matches solo in CS:GO

A fairly common situation is when you find a match and your teammate at the very beginning of the game either leaves and gets banned, or starts to disturb everyone, or just plays badly. In that case, you need to take responsibility in your own hands and try to win the match. How to do this? We’ll tell you about that in this article.

To win solo, you need to learn how to make entry frags. Many people think that it is the person who first comes out to their opponents, but this is only partially true. In fact, the main task of any such player is to create space for his teammates, as well as to gather information. And only after that should you make an open kill. 

What is creating space? It means that you have to move as far as possible on the map so that your teammates know that they won’t get killed from certain points. From this task flows smoothly the next one – information gathering. You have to report to your teammates about all sorts of sounds and seen enemies, their weapons, grenades, etc. Well, do not forget to try to make an open kill – it’s also important. If you want to diversify the game, it makes sense to buy csgo new case.


Some professional players advise imagining how you will win the match. Very often a lot of shooting problems have to do with insecurity in the first place, so you should always believe in yourself. If you think you’re playing poorly and don’t believe you can win a round or a clutch, you can consider that you’ve already lost to yourself. Even science tells us that people who believe in what they are doing actually do much better in the end. The same thing works in CS:GO. Believe in your abilities, and you will succeed. That’s really not just words.

Knowing the maps

If you’re trying to drag the game alone, you can’t do without perfect map knowledge. Considering that most of the time you will have to try to find open kills, you need to know every angle your opponent can come out of. That being said, such a lunge from your opponent should not come as a surprise to you. 

It is also very important to have the right aim. You must always be ready to kill your opponent in the head in a matter of seconds. At the same time don’t forget about the pre-fire. Of course, sometimes it is useful to stay quiet, but more often than not you should try to start shooting before you see the enemy: this significantly improves your position in a 1 on 1 duel.

Good Aim

Naturally, you can’t win without good shooting. To win, you need not only good knowledge and confidence but also a good anti-aim. Don’t forget that good shooting is more a question of practice than theory. So do not neglect to practice the mechanical aspects of the game. For example, to practice the Aim map of the community Aim_Botz is perfect, as well as numerous Death Match servers, for example, those where the hits are counted only if they were directed to the head. 

Correct movements

One of the main aspects of excelling at CS:GO solo play is proper movement. We already talked a bit about the importance of movement at the beginning of this article. However, beginners can’t even imagine how important it is. First of all, you need to understand that shooting from a standing position makes you vulnerable. So when you are shooting, you have to move properly, and there is no one solution. Sometimes you have to crouch, walk from side to side, or jump, and the most important thing is to be unpredictable. 

Don’t forget that the weapon makes you immobile, so when you are running away from the enemy, you need to switch to the knife immediately. Also, make a habit of not lunging at your enemy, but checking dangerous corners with the knife in your hands – believe me, it will definitely help you in the future. You can find a lot of interesting products here