Eyebrow care after tattooing in the first and subsequent days

Jul 11, 2021 Blog

Eyebrow care after tattooing in the first and subsequent days

Proper eyebrow care after tattooing is just as important as choosing a professional artist. An experienced eyebrow artist can highlight and emphasize the beauty of the eyebrows and even change the shape of the face with the help of sharp correction. After the procedure in a beauty salon, the master will tell you what post-tattoo care should be like.

If these rules not followed, all the work can go down the drain – the eyebrows will lose their colour and shape ahead of time https://www.facefigurati.com/eyebrow-tattoo-in-melbourne/microblading/. If you are planning to get an eyebrow tattoo, but do not know why it is dangerous to peel off the crusts and why you need petroleum jelly, read our article right now.

The need for competent eyebrow care after permanent tattooing

The permanent makeup technique is the injection of a colouring pigment under the skin. For this, many punctures made with a thin needle in the eyebrows, lips, or eyelids. The procedure is not particularly traumatic, but the skin needs some time after it to recover.

Permanent eyebrow makeup has the following obvious advantages:

The effect lasts for a long time.

It usually believed that the result is enough for at least six months. But the paint can last for several years – 3 or even 5. Many factors affect the durability of the effect. It all depends not only on the quality of the procedure itself and materials but also on the type of skin, individual reactions of the body. The main factor is the depth to which the pigment injected. If it is minimal, then the paint will quickly fade. Otherwise, the shade of the colouring may change. Accordingly, to get the desired effect that will not disappoint you for a long time, you need to carefully choose a master and not be led by cheap offers.

You can correct the shape of the eyebrows.

Suppose you followed fashion trends for a long time and plucked your eyebrows to the thread, and now they do not want to grow. Now, when beauty standards have changed, you want to have luxurious, thick eyebrows like insta-divas. It is impossible to restore your own. Various eyebrow care products do not give a result. But after tattooing, you can find the beauty you want https://www.facefigurati.com/.

The brows look natural.

If you imagine eyebrow tattooing in the form of a primitive pattern of cyanotic colour, as it once was, at the dawn of its appearance, then you are deeply mistaken. Modern technologies allow you to get precisely the arrival of the browbones as you wish. Your eyebrows will be the perfect shape and the degree of density that you need – from soft powdery with a uniform gradient, where each hair is drawn, to thick and voluminous.

Permanent makeup is resistant to external influences.

Permanent makeup not damaged in conditions of high humidity and temperature. If the climate in the room where you have to work is hot and humid, then you have no chance of maintaining your usual makeup. It is where the permanent procedure comes to the rescue.

Does not cause allergic reactions.

Decorative cosmetics are very often the cause of an inadequate response of the immune system. Even if you have allergies, you can safely use permanent makeup – reactions to it are infrequent.

Allows hiding imperfections in the skin.

If you are bothered by any imperfections on the skin, such as scars or age spots, then permanent makeup will mask them ideal. While using a cosmetic pencil or eye shadow, you often only draw attention to problem areas.

Agree. There are quite a few advantages of permanent makeup. In addition, it is of great importance that you do not need to set aside time for makeup every day, no matter what you do – sleep, take a shower, etc. – your eyebrows are always in perfect condition.

To nullify the appearance of unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to provide proper eyebrow care after tattooing. The dye introduced under the skin is foreign to the body. Therefore the mechanism of its elimination is activated. At the puncture sites, lymph is released, which captures the pigment particles and pushes them out. If the process proceeds more intensively than necessary, then too much dye is removed; as a result, the pattern will be lighter than desired.

Therefore, it is essential to strictly follow the recommendations of the beautician for the care of eyebrows after tattooing, especially in the first days. In addition, the risk of infection remains until the puncture wounds heal. The treatment of the affected areas should take seriously to prevent the penetration of pathogens through the damaged skin. Otherwise, if the infection does occur, you will need to consult a doctor and undergo treatment.

The occurrence of inflammatory processes negatively affects the general form of permanent makeup – the drawing fades, its contours are blurred and deformed. All this leads to the need for a corrective procedure.