Delta AirLines gift card

Apr 17, 2021 Blog

Delta AirLines gift card

Delta currently ranks in the top 3 largest airlines in the world according to the following criteria: number of destinations (1st), fleet size (2nd), passenger traffic (3rd), and the number of passengers carried (2nd). In 2008, Delta joined another airline, Northwest Airlines.

Since then, the airline is considered the largest commercial airline in the world. It employs more than 80,000 people worldwide. The size of the fleet exceeds 700 aircrafts. If you want to choose a gift card, Delta AirLines is a perfect solution.

History of Delta Air Lines

The company was founded on May 30, 1924. Originally called Huff Daland Dusters, the company specialized in the manufacture and maintenance of military aircraft, as well as the use of aviation for agricultural pest control. Later, during the national crisis in the 1930s, it saved the company from bankruptcy when passenger transportation was not profitable. Having overcome difficult times, the airline began to actively develop aviation in all areas, offering more and more new services. For example, since 1934 the airline began delivering mail, and since 1946 the range of services expanded to cargo delivery. The route network of the company was also actively expanded, with new offices opened in the Caribbean and South America.

In 1975, Delta Air Express was founded as a cargo service, which later became a founding member of the SwissCargo alliance. In the late 1980s, the company began to expand into Europe and Asia, later becoming one of the reasons for the founding of SkyTeam, a major international alliance. Delta Air Lines has been actively modernizing its fleet since 2000: nearly all of the airline’s aircraft are twin-engine models, as this type of transportation reduces fuel and maintenance costs.


Delta Air Lines has many subsidiaries, which allows it to provide customers with a full range of passenger and cargo services of any complexity. The airline offers the following classes of service to its passengers.

  1. Basic Economy Class – standard passenger service, complimentary snacks and beverages, there are restrictions on seat selection and luggage transportation.
  2. Basic cabin – opportunity to use the entertainment system, choice of seat when purchasing a ticket, provision of a special menu.
  3. Delta Comfort+ – more comfortable seats on the flight, dedicated luggage shelf, additional services.
  4. First Class – personalized customer service, comfortable seats, internet access and additional services to enhance comfort.
  5. Delta Premium Select – available on certain flights, more comfortable seats for longer flights, larger screen entertainment system.
  6. Delta One – exclusive service on long-haul flights, provision of personalized service, seat-beds.

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